The year was Nineteen hundred and Eighty. The first Supreme Supermarket outlet was launched at Kollam. For those in and around the city, it was an experience they were to cherish for generations henceforth. The products were home-made. So fresh. So rich in taste. They became an instant hit.

That's how Supreme group came into existence, with the vision to enter the food manufacturing, retailing and marketing industry along with trading in quality FMCG products. Quality and freshness soon become synonymous with the Supreme brand.

Inspiring takes have one thing in common. They fly past the confines of contentment and outgrow themselves.

As a fitting corollary to the much loved Supermarkets, Supreme Group soon diversified into it's other verticals which are Supreme Bakers, Supreme Nutrifud Retail and the Supreme chain of restaurants - All Spice for Multi Cuisine, Oriental Spice for Chinese-Thai and Upper Crust for luxury continental.

Today, after three decades and a wide variety of products with signature freshness and uncompromising quality, Supreme Group, part of the TKM Group of Companies has grown to become a leading name promising and delivering a highly delectable experience to all it's customers. As of now, the supermarket chain operates 8 leading stores in Kerala, and another 2 outlets are expected to be open by 2018.

Adding more chapters to it's exalting take each day, Supreme Group strives towards rasing it's standards to global excellence and beyond. Having said that, it's princicples still remains simple. Serving it's customers to the best of it's ability. And that is how the Supreme saga goes and will remain on it's way, going full circle, diversifying but by preserving it's core values.