High Quality Merchandise



We care about what you eat. We get our produce fresh from the suppliers

Always Fresh

We don't stock up on old supplies. Only the freshest products available all day long

Organic Variants

Organic products are in. We realize that and we have selected organic variants for you.

Best Quality

We have strict quality control. Nothing but the best on our shelves.


Wide Variety

When it comes to groceries, we understand the need for variety. We are fully stocked

Quality Conscious

We immediately reject products that does not meet our high standards. Only the best for our customers

Brand Options

We have innumerable choices of brands at our stores so that you are assured of picking up your favorite.

New Stock Always

Items close to expiry are sent out of our stores. Only the newest freshest stock ALWAYS


Quantity Options

Whether you want a mini pack or a gift set, we assure you, we have it

Huge Variety

We can't stress more on the need for variety for beauty products. Our beauty section is big enough to fill in your needs

Discounts Galore

We have discounts on some of our products. Come have a look

Niche Products

We stock up on those particular selected products which you won't find elsewhere.


Home Care Solutions

We understand how important your home is for you. We have a huge variety of products which will help you maintain your home in the best possible way

Whopping Deals

Look no further for the best deals in home supplies. You need to see it to believe it

Quality assured

Products that are damanged or old can never be found in any of our stores. That is something we care deeply about

Never Run Out

We know how difficult it would be for you if you don't get the specific product you want. Hence we have a huge stock in our warehouses that ensures constant suuply


Only the Best

Gourmet section is all about the finest of products available in the market.

Dedicated Space

We understand people with a finer taste in life better and we decided to pamper you with a dedicated space of your own completely separate from the main supermarket.

Global Indulgence

Products from all across the globe are now available to you in our gourmet section. Come, spoil yourself

Reasonable Pricing

The products might be gourmet but the pricing is still very economical. This is made possible by our efficient supply chain management


Local Produce

Fresh fish from Neendakara and fresh meat and chicken from local farms.

No Waste

Meat and chicken sold at our super market are packed right at our premises with utmost care and free of all waste.

Tender Mutton

We only sell the finest and tender meat of young goats procured directly from the farm which is then treated the right way to ensure consistent high quality.

High Quality Beef

We only sell prime cuts of high quality beef, the purest meat available.

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